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Comilla Cadet College (CCC), the youngest family member of Cadet College was formed on July 1, 1983 near Moinamoti Bouddha-bihar.  Before that date Comilla Cadet College was known as Residential Model School.  Founder Principal of CCC Lt. Col. Nurul Anwar (presently Rtd.), V.P. Mr. Ashraf Ali & faculty members Mr. Nurul Haque, Taslim Uddin, Akhtar Alam, Humayun Kabir, Abdul Jabbar & Kamal Uddin Mohammad were involved with building CCC for nine months.  Adjutant General of Bangladesh Army Maj. Gen. Abdus Samad P.S.C. officially opened CCC on April 7, 1984.  In that Day CCC received 150 cadets of 3 intakes.  Later 18th May' 84 cadets of class 7 and same year 22nd November Class 11 arrive.  Lastly with the arrival of 6th intake the number of cadets came into a full fledge.

In 1986 the Cadets of 1st intake finished their college life.  After that one by one cadets from 17 intakes have spread out in different parts of home and abroad after crossing the cadet college boundary.  In 1986 some ex-cadets of 1st intake formed an organization for the ex-cadets of CCC named Association of Comilla Old Cadets in short ACOC to maintain and develop brotherly relation among the old cadets of Comilla Cadet College and to promote and uphold the image and interest of the Comilla Cadet College and to maintain good relationship with it.  After crossing many difficulties ACOC now turned as a well-organized organization.  After finishing their student life the members of ACOC also come forward to build the nation.    

In the history of Cadet Colleges of Bangladesh, Comilla Cadet College is the tenth assembling, of which the tenth ex-cadet association in the realm of 'Bhaia Group' is our ACOC.  Nothing is ever stable, time is moving and rolling on of its own way, without any single natural break.  ACOC is not lagging regarding its activities though it is the youngest ex-cadets association.  In the last few years ACOC has performed several social and voluntary activities satisfactorily.  We sincerely recognize with deep gratitude the valued contributions and support from our patrons and well wishers at home and abroad.  

Though ACOC is the youngest of its kind, we hope and expect our ex-cadets will perform their best and take our college on the peak of the 'Bravado List'.  With the roll of the calendar our 17th intake has joined us under the big umbrella.  They are looking forward and we are also ready to lead the Hercules hand and enroll them in our brotherhood family.

Goals and Objectives

a.  To maintain and develop brotherly relation among the old cadets of Comilla Cadet College.

b.  To maintain and develop fraternity among the present and the old cadets of Comilla Cadet College.

c.  To act as a center for communication and exchange of ideas and recreation of the Ex-cadets.

d.  To act as a center for developing the multifarious talents of the present and Ex-cadets.

e.  To extend co-operation to the best of its ability to the members of ACOC in their educational, social and professional problems.

f.  To help the ex-cadets to the best of its ability in finding suitable careers as and when necessary.

g.  To act as a center for social and community development activities.

h.  To co-operate with various governmental or non-governmental organizations to furthering the cause of social welfare.

i.  To promote and uphold the image and interest of the Comilla Cadet College and to maintain good relationship with it.

j.  To take any other lawful course that might serve the greater interest of the members of the association.  But the association shall not carry any trade or business with a view to monitory gain of any of its member(s). 

To achieve the aforesaid objectives the association may publish or may be associated with publications on authoritative study on social or academic issues. 

The Name of ACOC  

Father of ex-cadet Ashfaq (G-25), Late Ashab Uddin Ahmed named our association 'ACOC'.  

ACOC's Office 

Association Of Comilla Old Cadets(ACOC)
Shahera Tropical Center (8th Floor)
218, Elephant Road, Dhaka-1205
Phone: +88-02-9662672


ACOC's Monogram
ACOC's Monogram Picture:
  acoclogoframe.jpg (48564 bytes)

Ex-cadet Saif (G-121) of third intake designed our monogram.  

We Remember

May Allah bless their departed souls and place them in Jannah.

1. Cadet Hasan (1st Intake)  

2.   Cadet Zafri (2nd Intake)

3. Cadet Raunaq (2nd Intake)  

4.   Cadet Kuewser (4th Intake)  

5. Cadet Farid (6th Intake) 

6.   Cadet Momen (7th Intake)   

7. Cadet Musa (7th Intake)  

8. Cadet Kabir (8th Intake)

9. Cadet Noor (8th Intake)

10. Cadet Rahman (10th Intake)

11. Cadet Haider (12th Intake)

12. Cadet Masud (12th Intake)

13. Cadet Mazhar (13th Intake)

14. Cadet Kamrul (16th Intake)

15. Cadet Salman (18th Intake)


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